My name is Frank McEnulty and I am pretty much a regular guy. I am married, have two daughters, go to a lot of sporting events that my daughters participate in and am completely and utterly disgusted with both political parties in this country.

That is why I am doing this. Our country is being spent into oblivion by both sides of the political aisle. Our foreign policy appears to be a shambles and our world standing does not seem to be in great shape either. Politics is no longer about trying to do something good for the country, it is only about how much can we spend to make our political friends happy and get reelected. What happened to the theory of the greater good? What happened to the theory of if it is good for America it will be good for everyone? It got sold to the highest bidder and it is time for people to start making a stink about it.
Of course, your first thought is there is nothing I can do about it and you’re right, there is nothing you can do about it. However, if enough of us “nothings” get together and demand change and I mean real change, then things will change and for the better.

By real change I mean change for the good of America. Not change that will directly improve my life, but change that will indirectly improve my life, your life and everyone’s life by making America a stronger, safer, cleaner and more fiscally responsible country that we can feel good about leaving to our children, grandchildren and all future generations.
I realize that a write-in campaign for President of the United States is beyond a long-shot, but if we can make enough noise and get enough people to notice then maybe we can get the “big boys” to start to think about doing what is right for America and not just for their little corner of the world. I still believe that most people think that this is the greatest country in which to live, but that we are starting to lose our way. Let’s get back on the path to being what America is all about, which is being the best place for everyone to live, work and play – not just a special place for special groups.