I wanted to thank everyone who passed my name along to people they know in Arizona. With your help I came in 10th out of a field of 24 candidates in the Arizona Republican Presidential Primary. Even better, I came in 2nd among the independents on the ballot against a field of mainly Arizonans.

In addition, thanks to your efforts I easily won the poll sponsored by the Tucson Weekly.

Next on my agenda is to win the nomination of the New American Independent Party. They will be holding their nomination vote in the next few weeks and if you haven’t already, please go to their website and join so that you can vote for me in our primary.


With Romney leaving the campaign trail and the Democratic nomination to be settled soon, the time is now ripe for the independents to start to make some noise and get some notice.

After our primary is over our next task will be getting on the ballots around the country and this is where the real work comes in for it is not an easy process and will require a lot of help. I’ll let you know more as we continue to move forward.

Together we can start to make things right.